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Melodic Metal

80s 80s Metal 90s Acoustic All Alternative Alternative Metal Alternative Rock Ambient Ambient Folk Metal Ambient Metal American American Metal Andre Matos Anime Covers Aor Art-rock Atmospheric Black Metal Australia Australian Austrian Austrian Metal Avant-garde Horrible Metal Away Awesome Bands Beautiful Beauty Metal Belarusian Metal Belgian Belgian Metal Belgium Berlin Black Metal Black Metal From Italy Black Sabbath Blackened Death Metal Brasil Brazil Brazilian Brazilian Black Metal Brazilian Melodic Metal Brazilian Metal British Brony Brutal Death Metal Can You Say Talent Canada Canadian Canadian Metal Catchy Metal Chile Chillout Chinese Christian Christian Classic Metal Christian Hardcore Christian Metal Classic Metal Classic Rock Cold Spring Creative Commons Croatian Czech Dance Danish Dark Ambient Dark Metal Darkwave Death Metal Doom Doom Death Metal Doom Metal Doom Rock Dunkelheit Dutch Dutch Black Metal Electronic English Epic Epic Doom Metal Epic Melodic Death Metal Epic Metal Epic Power Metal Estrema Corona Fano Eurobeat Evanescence Experimental Extreme Power Metal Fantasy Metal Favorite Female Fronted Female Fronted Metal Female Fronted Rock Female Fronted Symphonic Metal Female Vocal Female Vocalist Female Vocalists Female Vocals Finland Finnish Finnish Metal Folk Folk Metal Folk Power Metal Freedom Call French French Metal Geknueppel Geoff Tate German German Black Metal German Metal German Metalcore Germany Good Gothic Gothic Doom Metal Gothic Metal Gothic Rock Greece Greek Guirar Player Guitar Guitar Virtuoso Hair Metal Happy Metal Hard N Heavy Hard Rock Hardcore Hardrock Hatecore Heavy Heavy Metal Heavy Metal Usa Power Metal Helloween Hip-hop Home Collection House Indian Indie Industrial Industrial Metal Instrumental Italian Italian Black Metal Italian Heavy Metal Italian Metal Italy J-metal J-pop J-rock Japan Japanese Japanese Heavy Metal Korean Lithuanian Lithuanian Metal Lounge Love Metal Male Vocalists Math Rock Melancholic Power Metal Melodic Melodic Black Metal Melodic Death Metal Melodic Doom Metal Melodic Gothic Metal Melodic Hard Rock Melodic Hardcore Melodic Heavy Metal Melodic Metalcore Melodic Power Metal Melodic Rock Melodic Speed Metal Melodik Hard Rock Merry Metal Metal Metal Argentino Metal Brasileiro Metal Francais Metal Opera Metal Progresivo Metalcore Mexican Mexico City Mistagged Modern Metal Nederlands Neo-classical Metal Neofolk Netherlands New Wave New Wave Of British Heavy Metal New Zealand Nightmare Records Norway Norwegian Norwegian Metal Nsbm Nu Metal Nwothm Pagan Black Metal Pagan Metal Piano Pigment Pirkka Polish Polish Black Metal Pool Dance Pop Portugal Portuguese Post Hardcore Post-black Metal Post-metal Postmetal Power Metal Power-thrash Prog Prog Metal Prog Metal Opera Progressive Progressive Death Metal Progressive Gothic Metal Progressive Heavy Metal Progressive Metal Progressive Power Metal Progressive Rock Project Psytrance Punk Punk Rock Rary Raw Black Metal Reggae Rock Rock N Roll Rock-progressif Russian Russian Metal Sakhalin Savatage Seen Live Serbia Shoegaze Singer-songwriter Sisters Of Mercry Clone Slovenia Slovenian Soft Rock Soul Soundtrack Southern Metal Spain Spanish Spanish Heavy Metal Spanish Metal Speed Metal Speed Power Metal Speed-power Spotify Stoner Stoner Rock Suxxor Sweden Swedish Swedish Death Metal Swedish Heavy Metal Swedish Melodic Hard Rock Swedish Metal Swedish Power Metal Swedish Progressive Metal Swiss Switzerland Symphonic Symphonic Black Metal Symphonic Metal Symphonic Power Metal Symphonic-melodic-power Metal Techno Techstep Thrash Thrash Metal Traditional Doom Metal Traditional Heavy Metal Traditional Metal Trance Truceklan True Metal Tunisian Turkish Metal Uk Ukraine Us Metal Us Power Metal Usa Virgin Islands Reggae Vision Divine White Metal